Ronald, Priscilla and Samuel Wagner
Manhattan Beach, CA
Latitude 33 52' 31" N
Longitude 118 23' 13" W
Elevation 180 ft

Moon Phase Full Moon
Sunrise 5:44a
Sunset 8:08p
Weather Forecast: Increasing clouds with little temperature change.

Current Weather for 06/25/21 3:32am:

Inside 73.6F 57%
Outside 60.1F 93%
Wind 0.0mph 13.0mph Peak
Barometer 29.940in Steady

10 Minute Average Wind Speed 0.0 mph from the SSW (207°)

Rain Summary

Rain Rate Daily Rain Storm Rain Monthly Rain Yearly Rain
0.00 in/hr 0.00 in 0.00 in 0.00 in 4.56 in

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Weather History for Manhattan Beach, CA

Weather Summary for Manhattan Beach, California USA

Weather Satellite Images Received at Manhattan Beach (occasionally down)

Barometer High Wind Speed

Outside Temperature Outside Humidity

Inside Temperature Inside Humidity

Stacked photomicrograph of a spec of olivine from
the Green Sand Beach, near South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii

From Hawaii

Hey, where are we going?
And what am I doing in this handbasket?!

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